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Hi, I’m Steve a freelance web designer in Bristol. I help charities and businesses succeed online by creating lead generating websites that convert visitors into customers or clients.

WordPressweb design

I design WordPress websites for start-ups and small businesses based in the UK. I have extensive Search Engine Optimisation skills and know how to create lead generating websites.

I love building new websites, however, I’m often asked to fix sites that are badly designed, broken, or not optimised.

I also help Wix, Weebly and Squarespace site owners to migrate their websites to WordPress. The drag and drop platforms are ok for club and hobby websites, however, they do not compare to WordPress, especially when it comes to generating leads, search engine optimisation and e-commerce websites.

Freelance web designer - Stephen Little

Stephen Little

Steve is a WordPress expert with extensive SEO knowledge. Before he became a web designer he worked for the RSPB and Wildlife Trust.

Services and prices

I can work with you to design a website that fits your budget. My prices are fair and competitive, and I always go the extra mile for my clients.

I often hear people say they need a website, but what they really want is a solution to help them achieve their goals. A great looking website is important, however, it’s only part of the solution. To be successful online you need more than just a basic website. You need a search engine optimised website, that’s hosted on a fast and reliable server, with built in security and backup schedule. You also need some form of lead capture to generate new clients or customers. I will work with you to create a solution that works for your business, at a fair and sensible price.

My WordPress maintenance/care plans are designed to give you peace of mind. Owning a website comes with responsibilities like managing your domain name, web hosting account, site security, backups, and on-going updates. If you’re familiar with WordPress you can of course maintain the website yourself, that’s fine and I’ll be here should you ever need a helping hand. However, if you prefer to hand over the day to day maintenance of your website to an experienced professional I’d be delighted to manage your site, hosting and WordPress for you?

Robust and reliable web hosting is essential. Your site should be accessible and fast. Otherwise, you’ll see a negative impact on sales and your business. I’m a reseller for three web hosting providers, two of which provide managed WordPress web hosting. That means the web server hosting your WordPress site is optimised for speed and security, and is monitored 24/7, by WordPress experts. You’ll be amazed by the superior performance of our web servers and the fantastic technical support you’ll receive should you need any help.

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Some of the five star reviews listed on Google.

Amelia Wilson
AMW Events
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Stephen helped me rebuild my website and it looks amazing! He was very patient with my changes and worked with my budget, and gave me some helpful advice a long the way.
Joshua Stone
Read More
Worked with Stephen, he really knows his stuff and is extremely helpful, we will definitely be working with him again.
Siobhan Cooley
Video & Film
Read More
Stephen is so knowledgeable and helpful. His expertise and insight have been invaluable. Would highly recommend.
Elizabeth Loeffler
The Henleaze Society
Read More
Stephen set up a new website for The Henleaze Society, using WordPress, and gave a useful introduction to editing in a personalised tutorial via Zoom.
Roberta Walker
Read More
Stephen gave no nonsense straight forward advice. Ask a specific question and you'll get concise answers. I would recommend you try them out.

Design, development and consultancy

There’s no doubt I can save you time and money regardless of the size of your project. Yes, I’m a web designer, however, I also provide WordPress development and consultancy services. If you’re thinking of building a course, membership or e-commerce site your probably suffering from overwhelm, conflicting advice and random quotes. I can help bring clarity to your project and help you make the right choices. To discover the best course of action book a 30 minute Discovery Call – only £74.99 (+VAT).

Website design project and build

Website designFAQs

Feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.

This is one of those, how long is a piece of string questions. The length of time depends on many factors like how many pages you need, the number of photos you wish to include and the number of custom graphics.

The functionality of the website also has a bearing on the delivery date, especially if I have to write code from scratch or you require something bespoke.

I get lots of enquires from potential clients that want their new website up and running by the end of next week. I understand we live in a fast paced world but rushing your project is not a good idea. My website check list has over 45 items that need to be delivered to create a good quality website, it’s not something that can be rushed into. A basic eight page website has a turnaround time of around 3-4 weeks once I’ve received all the content.

This is another one of those, how long is a piece of string questions. The cost depends on many factors like how many pages you need, the number of photos, whether you need a new logo or custom graphics.

The features and functionality of the site also have a bearing on the cost. For example, do you need a contact form, booking system, lead capture, mailing list integration, membership site, ecommerce, etc? In most cases I can find a WordPress plugin to achieve the functionality you need. However, if I have to write custom code or you require something bespoke the cost can increase significantly.

To give you an example, a basic eight page website should cost around £900. The cost includes search engine optimisation in the first instance and setting up a backup schedule and site security. You’ll definitely find cheaper options from £200 upwards but you’ll basically be wasting your money and perhaps more importantly time. Cheaper web designers often use Wix or Squarespace templates or cheap/free WordPress themes to quickly knock out bog-standard sites. Those options are not a good choice for business owners and those types of websites are rarely search engine optimised for Google and Bing.

My best advice is to set your budget and then ask your designer if he or she can achieve your goals for that price.

For more information please read the – What do you need to build my website? – section in the FAQ’s below.

Yes, absolutely. Every website that I design is mobile responsive. My work flow is based on mobile layouts/devices so when the desktop version of your site is completed I only have to make a few minor tweaks here and there to make sure the entire site looks great on mobile devices.

It is amazing how many websites are not mobile friendly. We’ve all seen those glaring gaps of white space and alignment issues. Those types of issues are mainly related to Wix and Squarespace websites and cheap or free WordPress themes.

I designed this website and encourage you to view the site on your mobile device. Even though I do say so myself, the site looks great on mobile phones. 🙂

Yes, absolutely. You should be able to change photos and update text without any problems. Please bear in mind though that although you will have the option of creating new pages and changing layouts, etc, it’s not advisable unless you have web design experience and you’re a dab hand at search engine optimisation.

To help me build your website, please send me your text, photos, logo and any other custom images that you would like to include on the site. I can of course help with photos, a logo and custom graphics but you need to let me know before the project starts.

You are welcome to send me content via email. However, for larger files and lots of images please share a folder on OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or similar cloud service.

You should also send me a brief summary of your business, the products and services you sell, and the main and secondary goals of the new website.

Yes, absolutely. You can choose from several web hosting plans depending on your websites requirements or let me make that decision for you. I set-up everything, and will even help you configure a mailbox on your PC/MAC or phone, if you need help.

I’m a reseller for three web hosting companies, two of which specialise in WordPress hosting. All new accounts include a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate and a generous amount of storage/web space. Security is taken very seriously and automated backups are scheduled to run on a regular basis. You can also rest assured we provide business-grade email services.

I’ll be there to fix any issues that may arise. No more waiting days on end for your hosting provider to respond, I can fix most issues within a few hours. I know how difficult it is when your website breaks or your email stops working. That’s why I only recommend and trust three web hosting companies to look after my client’s website and email services.

When I’ve finished building your website and it’s live on the Internet my services don’t stop there. My WordPress care plans are ideal should you need a professional to handle the day to day maintenance, backup and security of your website.

My care plans are optional but advisable. If you’re familiar with WordPress you can of course take care of the maintenance side yourself. However, if you’re not technically minded or you simply want to focus on your business, I will be delighted to manage your website for you. I’ll always be on call to help out should you get stuck, but please note that my care plan client’s take priority.

My best advice is to let me take care of everything for you, leaving you free to do what you do best, running your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of visitors/traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Although I’m a web designer I also have extensive knowledge and experience in SEO. I know how to build SEO into your website structure from day one, before I even start the design process. Starting with SEO and building your site from the ground up can make a big difference to the success of your website.

Low cost web designers often ignore the search engine optimisation process when building websites. Why?

  1. They do not have the necessary skills
  2. It helps to keep their fees very low.

The knock on affect can have a devastating impact on your investment and can easily waste 18 to 24 months of business before you realise what’s going on. I have over 19 year’s experience in SEO so you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands!


I love working with clients and WordPress to create lead generating websites. I’d be delighted to discuss your project and find out why you need a website or how you would like to improve your existing site.

I’m based in North Bristol, if you would like to meet in person. Alternatively, we can discuss your new project on Zoom, Skype or Duo. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Little

Freelance web designer - Stephen Little

Stephen Little

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