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Bristol Link is the collective name of a group of experienced freelance designers and creatives in Bristol. We help small businesses get started, develop strategies, engage with clients and customers, and grow online.

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We’re here to help you grow your business on and off-line.

Freelance copyeditor - Lucy Cripps

Lucy Cripps

Lucy is a copyeditor, proofreader and content writer, with an exceptional list of clients.
Freelance graphic designer - Emma Venables

Emma Venables

Emma specialises in branding and print design and has 15+ years experience and an eye for detail.
Freelance social media coach - Ruth Southorn

Ruth Southorn

Ruth is a social media coach/guru with a particular interest in Facebook and Instagram.
Freelance SEO consultant - Stephen Little

Stephen Little

Drive traffic to your website with Steve's transparent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services.
Freelance technical VA - Clare Purkiss

Clare Purkiss

Clare's VA services include course and membership websites, webinars, and email marketing.
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Need a website?

Think again! Would you prefer a lead generating platform with sales on automation?

Grow your Start-up the Easy Way

It’s difficult starting a new business from scratch. It can seem overwhelming at the best of times, it definitely takes hard work and dedication.

Now, imagine you had a lovely group of people on hand to help you step by step. People that have been in the same boat and are friendly and helpful.

Lady launching her new start-up

Save Time, HassleAnd Money

Imagine, the time, hassle and money you’ll save by talking to the right people with the right knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions. No more searching Facebook or Instagram hoping to find someone that’s knows exactly what to do and is trust-worthy too.

Our freelance designers and creatives love helping start-ups and small businesses to succeed online and will help your business grow at a pace that’s right for you.

Self-employed women working with her daughter

Helping The Self-employed Step By Step

The self-employed often need a little extra help and a more personal service when it comes to building, maintaining and marketing their business online.

There’s only so many hours in one day and jumping from your day job one moment to online guru the next can be very difficult. We take the stress away and guide you step by step.

All Your ServicesIn One Place

We provide a wide range of digital services from web design and copy-editing to graphic design and social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Our experts are ready to help. No fuss, no jargon, we guide you through your project and hold your hand every step of the way.

We’ve got you covered online and offline when it comes to digital services. Whether you need a new video for your website or help with creating a new brochure for your business we can help.

Helping Small Businesses Grow Online

Thousands of new websites are published every day and even more social media accounts are created. So how do you make your business standout in what seems to be a saturated market?

It’s not difficult to standout in the crowd when the majority of your competitors are probably taking short-cuts, trying the DIY option, or simply using inexperienced freelancers.

Successful small business owners

Right First Time,Hire An Expert

Cheap websites, random social media posts, rip-off SEO packages, and poorly written copy are largely to blame for the high number of businesses and websites failing online.

Attracting visitors and converting them into paying customers is a simple step by step process. Many of the tasks can be automated and hiring an expert to help you needn’t be expensive. In fact, in the long run hiring an expert will save you time and money.

We’re here to help, let’s talk.

A small hub of freelance creatives at your fingertips. Agency services, without the inflated prices.

The individuals and businesses mentioned on this website are independent freelance traders and not partners or affiliates of Bristol Link or each other.

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